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Proven to save lives
Purchasing EABs from "copycats" increases the risk of an inferior product that will not stop an out-of-control vehicle and result in serious or fatal injuries to vehicle occupants and pedestrians.

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport in South Australia (DIT), Transport for NSW and the Roads Department in Victoria (VicRoads) have issued specification sheets listing approved suppliers of EABs.  They alone, are the authorised suppliers.

OmniStop is not an Energy Absorbing Bollard (EAB).  Rather, it is a rigid bollard that does not ensure the safety of the occupants of the vehicle. Energy Absorbing Bollards are available exclusively from Impact Absorbing Systems as Patent holder.
The difference between Energy Absorbing Bollards - EABs and rigid bollards is that rigid bollards significantly increase injuries of vehicle occupants.
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Energy Absorbing Bollard (EAB) is the only impact absorbing bollard approved by Australian Road Authorities.

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