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Not every bollard stops an out of control car

A decorative or delineating bollard will not stop an out-of-control car. These bollards are usually affixed by DynaBolt into concrete and simply shear in the event of a crash, providing no protection to bystanders or property.

Delineating bollard Shears in event of a crash

They are not safety bollards and are not designed to stop an out-of-control vehicle. Installing them around dining areas and other public places does not protect the public and in many cases, deepens the risk by causing displaced bollards to injure people or damage property.

Energy Absorbing Bollards were designed by us to absorb the incoming impact and save lives. Crash tested to AS/NZ 3845 standard, they protect the occupants of the vehicle and are a benchmark for road barriers. Whilst there are a number of copycat manufacturers in the Australian market, the genuine and trusted Energy Absorbing Bollard is available only from us or from our exclusive worldwide distributors, Roadside Services and Solutions.


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