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Balaklava roundabout road safety upgrade

Balaklava is a small rural town located around 90km from Adelaide. It is characterised by a prehistoric history of being on the boundary between Kaurna and Peramangk people, as well as a rich and colourful colonial past. Nowadays, it is the administrative centre for Wakefield Regional council and is mainly used for servicing surrounding farms.

Historic Balaklava roundabout at the Edith Terrace/Wallace Street intersection

The Edith Terrace/Wallace Street intersection is a Historic Conversation Area so any new developments needed to maintain and enhance the unique character of the area. The IAS patented Energy Absorbing Bollards (EABs) were a perfect solution as they are characteristically:

  • Inconspicuous and modest

  • Reminiscent of cast iron bollards first used in the 19th century, but with strength and tensile properties of modern steel

  • Commonly found in front of commercial buildings in Australia

  • Suitable protection of public in al-fresco dining areas

EABs installation enhances the unique character of the area

The overall look and feel of the surrounding buildings is not compromised

The upgrade itself falls under South Australia’s Road Safety Strategy 2020. The aim being to bring road casualties to zero by designing safer roads. About half of injuries in South Australia’s urban areas occur at intersections, of which about 15% are pedestrian crashes.

The advantages of EABs in improving road safety are twofold:

  • They can be scattered around al-fresco dining areas thus providing a perimeter barrier for pedestrians

  • Are energy absorbing and will stop an out-of-control vehicle without injuring occupants of the vehicle

All of IAS EABs are galvanized and optionally painted giving them very high corrosion resistance and longevity, with excellent levels of durability. Moreover, all components are made from high strength carbon steel with superior tensile properties. This means they perform predictably every time and provide the industry standard level of safety.

EABs as a perimeter barrier of an al-fresco dining area

Versatile enough to be placed close to the curb, EABs provide excellent protection against errant vehicles


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